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Dec 16, 2023 - Mar 17, 2024

Geez by Dr Rodas

  • 93Days


An educational program that offers a comprehensive exploration of the Ge'ez language, its alphabet, and its cultural context. This course covers the Ge'ez script, enabling students to have high level understanding in this ancient Semitic script. Furthermore, it may include language instruction, encompassing vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, allowing students to develop proficiency in the Ge'ez language. Additionally, the course may delve into the historical and cultural significance of Ge'ez, shedding light on its importance in Ethiopia and Eritrea. With Dr. Rodas as the instructor, the course likely benefits from their expertise in Ge'ez. Students can anticipate a deep dive into the meanings of words, phrases, and texts in Ge'ez, potentially involving the study of Ge'ez literature, religious texts, and other significant works. For specific details regarding the curriculum, course duration, and registration, individuals interested in this course should visit the course provider's website or platform. Reviews and testimonials from previous students can also provide insights into the quality and value of the course. The weekend class, held on either Saturday or Sunday, offers a flexible and convenient learning schedule for students. What's even more enticing is that the affordable $250 fee covers the entire three months of tuition, providing access to comprehensive education without the burden of monthly payments.

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